National Eye Health Week (23-29 September)

We’re delighted to once again be supporting National Eye Health Week, the aim is to inspire everyone to look after their eyes. Throughout the week we will be discussing different topics on our social media platforms, including Nutrition, Diabetes, Children’s … Continued

Welcome to the Future….

We’re delighted to announce the installment of a futuristic piece of equipment within the practice, the Heidelberg Engineering Spectralis. This is the same piece of equipment used on the International Space Station to monitor the health of astronauts eyes but … Continued

The May Review……

Its been a while since our last blog post in early April, lots has happened since then and we now find ourselves at the end of May! (both politically and calendar wise). Gucci Open day At the end of April … Continued

Looking ahead to April….

  Yes. It is already April. This is the first instalment of our (hopefully) monthly blog, looking ahead at what’s going on at CATS for the upcoming month. If you have any optics related questions you would like answered in this … Continued

Team CATS crack the code!

On Wednesday 19th September, Team CATS attempted to escape……………… The location was Breakout in the historical city of Chester, the room chosen was called Disturbed (which says it all) a five out of five difficulty rating, the challenge was to … Continued

Can you child see clearly?

Often we assume our children can see clearly but without an eye test you cannot be certain. Contact us today to book an appointment.