C.A.T.S Christmas challenge at Crystal Maze Manchester!

Wow! What a super time we all had at Crystal Maze, Manchester last week for our Christmas night out.

Team work was the order of the day.



Richard was our Power man for the physical challenges, Lucy was the go to person for cryptic clues and brainteasers, Jack had to test his balance and speed, whilst Helen, Amber and Cathy’s eye-hand coordination and dexterity were tested to the limit.



We all supported each other with great gusto and provided the necessary encouragement to spur our colleagues on, even when the task seemed beyond our reach. In the end we retrieved 8 crystals and had great fun in the Crystal Dome trying to collect the golden tokens.

The saying ‘we could have done better’ might be fitting but as our wizard said, “its not about the winning its about the fun you have!”, and boy did we have fun!!


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