Your child’s eyesight can have a huge impact on more than just their ability to see . Undetected eye conditions can affect your child’s performance at school, leading to frustration, behavioural problems and under-performance. Hand eye coordination, sports performance, self- confidence and self-esteem can all be affected.

Here at CATS we are keen for you to bring in your children for an eye examination. We recommend that all children should have an eye examination prior to starting school. In some areas children have a preschool assessment but for various reasons this does not always take place and although this will pick up most eye problems some can still be missed so a thorough eye examination by an optometrist is always advisable.


0076If you have concerns about your child’s eyes we encourage you to bring them along whatever their age. They don’t need to be able to read or know their letters we have a special chart with pictures on, and often we can obtain a result without obtaining a verbal response at all.

Even if a child isn’t experiencing problems at school it is still worthwhile bringing your child in as many childhood eye conditions are treatable if diagnosed at an early age and often a child is not aware they have a problem. They may think it is normal to see things blurry or have intermittent blurring or double vision and not think to mention it.