How a sight test can potentially not only save your sight but also your life!

Finlay Latham, aged 10, came in with his parents for a routine eye examination on 04/03/2019; his parents had been concerned that he was having frequent headaches and wondered if they were linked to him possibly needing spectacles. During the examination Finlay had no visual problems and was a healthy young boy.

The optician, Cathryn Tripp did not find any issue with Finlay’s eye sight however upon checking the health of the back of his eyes noticed something unusual. Using our retinal camera, which photographs the back of the eye, Cathy was immediately able to diagnose an issue. Finlay had mild swelling of both optic discs, otherwise known as papilloedema which indicated that he may have increased pressure within the brain. An urgent referral was sent to Leighton Hospital where he underwent several tests and scans, before being transferred to Alder Hey children’s hospital for emergency brain surgery. A drainage hole was created to allow the fluid to drain as Finlay had a narrowing of one of the third ventricle which is a passage within the brain. The surgery was a success and we’re delighted to say Finlay is on his way back to full health.




Image top right and left: Finlay’s Retinal images, notice the swollen optic disc.

Image bottom right and left: A healthy looking retina.

Gemma (Finlay’s Mum) said “Cathy was amazing during a routine examination on my son recently which showed up some concerns. Cathy acted swiftly and with great care, I am pleased to say this led to a fast diagnosis of an underlying problem. Cathy has been incredible and the reception staff have been very thoughtful in conversations. We have received a fantastic, thoughtful and thorough service.”

This case highlights the importance of regular eye examinations, it is much more than a general vision test and can uncover serious underlying pathologies. If you would like to book an appointment for either yourself or a child please give us a call on 01606 836582 or visit

All tests for children under 16 and those in full time education under 19 are covered by the NHS.

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