At CATS Optometrist we love nothing better than seeing you happy in your new frames.

There is a frame out there that suits you and we WILL find one that not only makes you feel great but looks good, fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear.

If you fancy a completely different look we can make it happen. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your new spectacles feel just right and look great. You don’t need to worry about what colour or style you require leave it to us and you will be in safe hands. It needn’t be expensive we have frames starting from £59.00 complete with single vision stock lenses.

We stock an extensive range of frames from inexpensive to designer to suit all ages, styles and budgets and are happy to order frames in if your preferred colour or size isn’t in stock. We do NOT stock poor quality or end-of-line frames.

It is important to us that you walk out of our door feeling confident that you have made the right choice.


Below are some of the ranges that we stock.

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Carolina Herrera’s 2019 Collection reflects the carefree style of today’s cosmopolitan elegance. The designer’s universally recognised style is shared by her eyewear and all CH products, from the ready-to-wear collection to fragrances, offering inspiration and confidence for women who want a distinctive contemporary style expressing unostentatious elegance with refined details. The iconic elements of the brand’s style, such as stripes and logos, appear in trim underlining the value of a vast range of different shapes, lines and colours, among which red stands out.

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Unconventional, daring, bold, rooted in sports and able to stand out from the crowd. That’s Carrera. And also the stories that animate the campaign: stories of unconventional people, who decided to take control of their life, shake it up and drive it, against all odds.

Coral Eyewear are changing the eyewear industry for the better, created by George a student at the University of East Anglia, they are the first eyewear manufacturer to use Econyl to create their spectacles, look good and do good!

We’re proud to create glasses and sunglasses from a material called ECONYL. It starts with rescuing waste found at sea and in landfills, sorting and cleaning the plastic to recover the nylon. The regenerated nylon goes on to form a strong frame for our eyewear that you can trust to be as tough as virgin plastic – without damaging our planet.

Using ECONYL regenerated nylon reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% compared with nylon made from oil. Even better, our glasses can be recycled infinitely.

Flair has been creating eyewear designs of highest aesthetics and perfection in Germany for over 65 years. With all the passion put into this eyewear, only the finest materials like titanium or our high tech nickel-free Bio Steel are used to ensure the highest elasticity, strength, light weight, comfort and fit.

Worn as a piece of jewellery, the colours used are always based on the latest European fashion trends. In some frames we use gemstones, like certified Swarovski stones to give those frames an even more elegant look. The facets are precision cut identical to those of diamonds.

Approximately 700 steps are necessary, exactly coordinated to each other, in order to guarantee quality and perfection. Flair Technology, has a global patent, which is an impressive direct connection between the lens and the side-pieces – without using a hinge. Pure2 is one of the newest innovations of Flair, it is our lightest frame weighing only 3.7g. The basis of this innovation is the specially developed Flair nylon thread.

Flair is a new dimension of flexibility.

Whether you are looking for eyewear to present uniqueness, elegance and glamour, sophistication, self-confidence, dominance, a sportive image, modernity, or many more images, through Flair’s wide choice, emphasising characteristics and philosophies, there will be a frame fitting YOUR individual taste and style, without lacking comfort.

Be enchanted by these small and extremely light works of art.


Since 1927, Furla has been creating in Italy and distributing in 65 countries worldwide, bags, shoes and accessories of exceptional quality and style.

Furla interprets the Italian spirit in a contemporary fashion, adding its unmistakable touch of creativity, elegance and timeless simplicity, proposing modern and eclectic collections that combine the latest trends with craftsmanship. This leads to the creation of proposals that feature high quality materials and that are made by using cutting-edge technologies.

The Furla Eyewear collection mirrors the spirit of the brand, proposing frames with flowing and elegant lines, designed to meet the wishes of an exacting, alluring, up-to-date and self-confident woman.

Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands. At the beginning of 2015, Gucci embarked on the next chapter in its history, under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, with the introduction of a new contemporary vision, which is re-establishing its reputation as one of the world’s most influential luxury fashion brands. Eclectic, romantic, and above all contemporary, Gucci is currently inventing a wholly modern approach to fashion and thereby redefining luxury for the 21st century.

We make eyewear from hemp, by hand, in a small workshop in Edinburgh.

Sustainability and quality design are what we’re all about. Hemp is nothing new, once a popular material for rope, fuel, food and clothing, our society slowly abandoned it in favour of cotton and, later, oil-based plastics.

We believe the first challenge of building a sustainable world is to use existing natural resources in new ways, and to shift our mindset on consumerism to live up to that new vision. When we discovered hemp 6 years ago we fell in love with the material and its long history.

Hemp is an amazing plant. It needs hardly any water to grow. It can grow on bad soil, in diverse climates, and can be grown without the intensive use of pesticides. Its fibres are strong, light and perfect for eyewear.

So we decided to create the world’s first eyewear made from hemp and bring it back into the limelight. We want to show the world that we already have many of the things we need to build a more sustainable society.

Our frames are strong and light, they don’t use fossil fuels, they’re ethically handmade by us, and once complete they, and the material, look like nothing else.

Everything about our eyewear is unconventional. The material. The process. The design and the look. If you’re someone who sees things differently, Hemp Eyewear is for you.

iGreen eyewear is a complete new concept in the Eyewear industry allowing you to completely design your own frames!

They’re made from extremely lightweight and flexible acetate which means they weigh only 5 grams and are extremely durable. They’re manufactured using eco-friendly biodegradable acetate and during the manufacturing process they use 50% less water and electricity than standard manufacture.

Check out the designs you can create here:

Handmade in Italy, La Matta frames have bold, intriguing hues with lots of personality. Animal prints and colours inspired by the wild. La Matta frames are an explosion of detail. The goldsmith’s art is the inspiration behind the La Matta collection. The decoration on the temples reproduce beautiful jewellery making each pair of glasses a timeless accessory for the woman who likes to look good and loves to make heads turn. The La Matta collection brazenly declares its sassy soul and strong personality.

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Always on the lookout for the latest innovations, Morel delights in surprises, designing glasses that are astonishing and comfortable with cutting-edge designs. This spirit is particularly apparent in its Lightec collection: pure concentrated technology!

Resulting from careful research into details and techniques, the new collection perfectly combines quality and design. Special finishes embellish acetates with wood, horn and multicolor effects, creating an ever innovative and never taken-for-granted look.

The color palette includes, on the one hand, night shades, mostly neutral hues, such as black, dark ink, asphalt grey, khaki and oil, taken from the road and from true life and, on the other hand, bright colors such as red, green, blue and yellow which recall the sports world.


The collection takes its inspiration from the sophisticated style and detailing within the current range of Radley handbags. Within the collection there is an exciting range of metal, acetate and ophthalmic sunglasses, which can all be matched with this seasons handbags.

The collection is designed to appeal to discerning, confident, and fun loving women who are fashionable but have an independent sense of style.




The Rodenstock brand stands for technologically demanding products of exceptional quality. For at Rodenstock we constantly ask ourselves: how can we make wearing spectacles even more pleasant, lighter, simpler and more comfortable? This attitude gives rise to innovative product solutions – which meet demands for the highest precision.

Rodenstock is reawakening a legend: rocco by Rodenstock! It was first seen in the 60s, and then suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth in the 90s, but rocco by Rodenstock is returning to the scene now with an entire collection.

In a vintage design and wrought with ultramodern materials, the spectacles appeal mainly to the stylishly daring and trendsetters. Fresh, stylish and trendy frames will bring back the vintage style!

Each Ronit Furst frame is hand painted. This is what gives Ronit the freedom to produce almost every pattern and color combination that you can imagine. Looking closely one can actually see the paintbrush strokes and the texture of the paint, just like a painting on canvas. After the painting is done the frame undergoes a special coating procedure, which will give it it’s finished look – crystal shiny or sandy matt – and which also protects the painting from dirt and other unwanted effects.
The frames are designed to look different from every angle, with fine detail and tiny embellishments, graduated color schemes and asymmetric designs. The ethos of the range is to create quirky ,individual styles that capture the wearer’s personality.

Saint Laurent Eyewear represents the house’s distinctive heritage and attitude; seductive, timeless and contemporary. The Saint Laurent glasses collection are distinguished by their outstanding quality and striking mix of masculine and feminine aesthetics. Each statement silhouette, ranging from strong cat-eyes to bold square shapes blend seamlessly with unique colourways, Havana and tortoiseshell patterns and subtle branding. Taking inspiration from the original Yves Saint Laurent glamorous rock’n’roll muses, each pair of Saint Laurent glasses are decorated with distinctive accents such as metal hardware, YSL monograms and exaggerated shapes.

Swarovski has merged its renowned precision cut crystal with state of the art optics to create an elegant collection of Swarovski Glasses that break new barriers in modern luxury design. The range of Swarovski Glasses features pure lines, slender frames and subtle styling.  They also include frames made from an assortment of metal and acetate materials designed in an array of beautiful colours and clear crystal accents.

Ted Baker London is renowned for its perfect mix of distinctive design, beautiful quality and unconventional creativity, all liberally spiced with Ted’s irreverent sense of humour and unswerving attention to detail.

Tom Davies is a prestigious eyewear brand without parallel, built on the principles of fit, form and function. Like the finest tailors they specialise in made-to-measure eyewear that is handcrafted for the individual. Each Tom Davies frame is tailored to your facial measurements and designed just for you.

If you struggle finding glasses that fit correctly, wear glasses that are constantly falling down your nose or simply cannot find eyewear in the exact colour and design that you want, we can design your perfect pair with Tom Davies custom eyewear.

The Tom Davies custom service allows us to take your face shape and measurements into consideration. We will be able to adjust the size of your frames, temple arm lengths and distance between lenses, making the frame a perfect fit for you.

Tom Davies was founded in London in 2002 and soon became established as one of Britain’s leading custom spectacle brands. They work exclusively with the highest quality materials; principally Silver 925, natural horn, pure titanium and premium acetate and produce all of their frames by hand in their London factory. This means that every step of the process is meticulously controlled and ensures flawless quality and the highest level of craftsmanship.


Tom Ford eyewear is now established as one of the market leaders in the luxury sector with a series of iconic, timeless styles that truly reflect the DNA of the brand, Simple, refined and classical styling combined with modern materials and sober colours produce an understated elegance, whilst fashion forward designs offer a bold yet sophisticated alternative and epitomise Ford’s desire to ‘create the first true luxury brand of the 21st century’.

William Morris Spectacle frames that are quintessentially English for both men and women A typically English brand, with emphasis on designs that are distinctive in style. William Morris frames draw inspiration from the values that have made England so unique, a contemporary range of eyewear that features delightful styling in a wide variety of popular shapes and bright colours for both men and women.

William Morris eyewear is both fashionable and practical, they will make you feel confident, chic and sophisticated.

Express yourself and reveal your wild side with Wolf eyewear. Lightweight, modern and colourful frames are designed with you in mind to offer comfort and style at an affordable price.