We specialise in high quality lenses and are proud to be accredited as Seiko and Rodenstock lens specialists. We are able to supply from any manufacturer when necessary to find the right lens for you, your prescription, and your budget.

We provide the latest lens technology for your new eyewear to suit you and your pocket! including:

  • Extra thin and light weight lenses
  • Anti Reflection coated lenses – to reduce glare and improve the cosmetic appearance of your lenses. Now available with improved water and condensation resistance, making them less likely to steam up and easier to clean. Especially recommended for lenses within rimless frames and with thinner lens materials, ideal for driving and working on a VDU screen.
  • UV protection – UV protection is a necessity for a pair of sun spectacles as it protects the eye from harmful Ultra Violet radiation. A UV coating is highly recommended for patients who have had a cataract removed. On removing the cataract the eye’s natural protection from UV radiation is lost
  • Hard coatings/anti scratch supplied on most of our lenses at no extra cost
  • Photochromic lenses – change colour according to changing sunlight/UV levels. Latest lenses react quicker enabling wearers to switch from indoors to outdoors and vice versa more comfortably.
  • Polycarbonate/Trivex lenses for sports
  • We can take a photo of you wearing a variety of frames to enable you to see how you look before you make your final choice.


These options are all available with the following lenses

Single Vision lenses have a single prescription across the lens surface and are the simplest form of lens. They can be used to correct shortsightedness, longsightedness or astigmatism and be used for reading, distance or specific visual tasks such as computer use.
Bifocals have two separate areas of vision that usually correct distance and near vision and removes the need for 2 pairs of spectacles. They can also be used to correct intermediate and near visual tasks. There is a visible line between the distance and reading area, varying depending on the design provided. Bifocals are not usually appropriate for computer use unless prescribed for intermediate and near vision tasks specifically.
Progressive lenses are lenses with a variable power over the lens enabling all distances to be corrected and are therefore suitable for computer use as well. These often eliminate the  need for 3 pairs of spectacles. There is no visible line so look cosmetically pleasing and enable you to perform most daily tasks without the need for swapping spectacles. With the latest designs from Rodenstock and Seiko we can virtually eliminate the distortion experienced in previously designed lenses. We can even adjust the design of the lens personally for you to allow for the frame fitting to provide a bespoke progressive lens. Using current technology we can demonstrate to you the difference in lens designs and how the lenses will work for you.
Sometimes single vision or varifocal lenses just do not provide the correct viewing areas for the needs of your eyes, especially for specific visual tasks such as computer and office work. For these instances Occupational lenses are available with no visible line, similar to varifocals. As there are several designs available we will discuss your exact requirements and prescribe the lens best suited for your particular visual tasks, providing optimum viewing areas and enabling you to be free from eye strain, headaches and posture problems.

We accept eyecare/eyeplan vouchers from employers.