We are a fundraising Silver award winner!

We have just been awarded a Silver Award from eye care charity Optometry Giving Sight in recognition of money raised during October 2014 World Sight Day Challenge.

Through participating in the World Sight Day Challenge, we have helped Optometry Giving Sight to to help the 600 million people in the world who are blind or vision impaired simply because they do not have access to an eye exam or glasses.

We wereNaite_Mozambique inspired by stories like that of primary schoolboy Naite (pictured), who was one of the tens of thousands of children, women and men who benefited last year from eye care at the optometry clinic at Lúrio University, Mozambique.


Naite was eight when he realised he couldn’t see the chalkboard. Although his parents knew he needed to fix his vision problem, they weren’t able to afford a pair of glasses. After visiting an optometry clinic in Mozambique, Naite was able to get a pair of prescription lenses that fixed his astigmatism. Now, he’s able to participate in class without help from his friends.


Thanks to past donations, Optometry Giving Sight has been able to fund 72 projects in 42 countries. Funds raised from World Sight Day Challenge will be directed to projects in 23 countries around the world that give sight to those most in need.