Middlewich grandma back to her baking best thanks to CATS

Keen baker Betty Hamilton, 75, is now back to doing what she does best - baking
Keen baker Betty Hamilton, 75, is now back to doing what she does best – baking

A MIDDLEWICH grandmother is back to her baking best – all thanks to her optician.

Keen baker Betty Hamilton, 75, had to give up her beloved hobby after she became too tired and lost her sense of taste and smell.

But the grandmother-of-eight, from Goostrey, has now regained her strength after a large cyst, spotted by her eagle-eyed optician Catherine Tripp, was removed from her pituitary gland.

Betty said: “I am so grateful to Catherine for all that she has done.”

In October last year, Betty had gone to CATS Opticians on Wheelock Street with her daughter Liz and granddaughter for a routine check-up.

Although the tests appeared normal, her field vision was poor and Catherine decided investigate further by using a Humphrey Visual Fields machine.

Catherine said: “I encourage all my patients over the age of 40 to have the test done as it shows up abnormalities that would not normally be picked up in a routine test.

“Not all opticians offer the test as it’s very time-consuming but I believe that all good opticians should insist on it. This just goes to show that it’s worth the time.”

Catherine discovered something was obstructing Betty’s sight and immediately referred her to hospital to have further tests and an MRI scan.

A cyst was discovered close to Betty’s pituitary gland which was drained in January and she is now back to full health.

Betty’s daughter Liz said: “Catherine saw everything right through to the end and ensured that mum was looked after. She requested her hospital notes and kept up-to-date with her progress.”

Betty has since regained her sense of smell and taste and is back doing what she loves – baking.

Liz added: “Mum was heartbroken when she had to give up baking but recently she was fit enough to bake a cake for her grandson Jamie’s first birthday. Catherine taking the time to do the test with mum has made all the difference.”