Welcome to the Future….

We’re delighted to announce the installment of a futuristic piece of equipment within the practice, the Heidelberg Engineering Spectralis. This is the same piece of equipment used on the International Space Station to monitor the health of astronauts eyes but you’re getting it here on Earth!

The Spectralis is an ultra precision retinal scanner, designed to allow us to detect the tiniest changes in your eye health. Spectralis uses Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to scan your eyes. OCT is a medical imaging technique that uses light waves to generate images of the back of your eye. It allows the optometrist to see a detailed three-dimensional view of your retina so that they can look at your eye in very fine detail.

Spectralis can be used to detect a wide range of eye conditions and is ideal for the management and maintenance of pre exisiting conditions. This machine goes above and beyond the level of detail we’ve previously been able to provide, it will astonish you.

To book your Spectralis 4D eye examination please call us on 01606836582


Carrying on with the futuristic theme our new range of Lightec frames now includes incredible 3D printed models, the sophisticated production process produces a frame that weighs less than 6 grams and a stunning matte finish to the frames, combined with pure Japanese titanium sides and a patented screw-less hinge system these frames are the complete package for someone looking for style, comfort and functionality.



Keep an eye out for more 3D printed models launching soon….

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